Some food for thought on baby gifts

It’s always exciting when someone close to you has a baby. The timeless tradition is to bring food to the family when you visit the newborn but, because of distance and busy schedules, that’s not always possible. That’s where we come in! Let The Meal Stork prepare and deliver a delicious home-style meal that makes their day a little easier so the attention can be on the newborn instead of meal preparation.  A delicious meal is the perfect gift idea for a new mom!

From our customers

We received the Chicken Marsala meal from The Meal Stork after we had our second child this summer. The meal came frozen which was perfect for us because we had family in town that were helping us out and we didn’t need the meal right away. When everyone left and our help was gone, it was so great to have one less thing to think about and prepare. We were able to quickly defrost the chicken, green beans, bread sticks and pecan pie. It was easy to heat up and we even had leftovers!

— Kristin M.

We love this idea, and have been telling our readers for years that food is the best gift real friends can give to a brand new family. I loved the sweet green curry chicken a lot! Delicious and perfectly cooked. And, when I finally got to try the soup, it was delicious, too!

— Peg M.

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The Meal Stork’s Many Meals

It’s a well known fact that new parents love getting food after they bring their new baby home. Shopping, cooking and cleaning are just not at the top of the list of things to do - at least not for themselves, anyway.

Gift ideas for not-so-new parents

It’s common etiquette that pregnancies after the first child don’t necessarily warrant baby showers, although there are a few exceptions. But that doesn’t mean that family and friends don’t want to help celebrate the birth of a child, no matter what number they are in the family. So what can you do or get to help welcome baby number two, three, four or more? Here are just a few practical ideas that will help the expanding family.

Welcoming an adopted child

Over 1.5 million children are adopted in the US each year, and many of these adoptions are done by couples with no current children. Family and friends will want to help celebrate the addition to the family, although a traditional shower may not be appropriate, depending on the situation or age of the child. We’ve compiled some ideas, below, on how to help celebrate and welcome an adopted child.